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YAFTA’s To Take Place At Millbrook Lodge Hotel in 2018
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2018 will be a big year for the Down Youth Council as it hosts the YAFTA awards.

The YAFTA’s (Youth and Future and Talent Awards) are a celebration of youth talent across the Newry Mourne and Down District Council area and were held last year in Newry, and the Downaptick Youth Council is to step up to the plate in 2018 and produce an equally great evening at the Millbrook Lodge Hotel.

YAFTA winners pictured at the awards ceremony in 2016.

The event has been running for five years. Speaking at the Active and Healthy Communities committee meeting at the Council where representatives of the Down Youth Council presented their plans to local councillors, committee chairperson Billy Walker welcomed the group and said that he was very impressed with their work to date.

Councillor Terry Andrews said: “It was great to see such enthusiasm in young people towards their community.  We have had groups such as this in Council before taking part in debate and making presentations and they are very welcome to ask the support of all of the 41 councillors. They will only be too glad to help you out.”

Councillor Patrick Brown said: “Newry did an excellent job in previous years and now Downpatrick can rival anything that Newry can put on. I am looking forward to the event.”

Councillor Brian Quinn said: “I would also congratulate the Down Youth Council in stepping up to this event. I would say to the councillors that judging on this event is very interesting. There are many very talented and committed young people out there doing things that no-one is aware of making a difference in our communities and they should be applauded.”

The YAFTA’s have a number of award categories for winners and runners-up: they are:

Good Relations Award; Young Carer Award; Community Safety Award; Voice of Young People Award; Creativity and Innovation Award; and the Inspirational Young Person Award.


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