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Time Running Out For Deal Warns Hazzard
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“Time is running out for the DUP and British Government to recognise that rights and the implementation of previous agreements will be key to any deal in the Stormont talks,” said  Sinn Féin South Down MP Chris Hazzard.

The clock is ticking: Sinn Féin are adamant that the talks process is coming to an end… but will it sink or restore the GFA? 

Mr Hazzard was commenting after British Secretary of State James Brokenshire told Westminster that an Executive must be formed by November in order to set a budget.

“We’re now in the fourth phase of negotiations this year,” Chris Hazzard said, and added: ” “Sinn Féin have been consistent in our resolve to restore the institutions on the basis of the Good Friday Agreement with equality, rights and respect at their core.
“We said last week that challenges remain in order to deliver sustainable institutions.
“One way or another, this process is coming to an end.
“Sinn Féin is determined to achieve a successful conclusion and to see the institutions re-established.
“If the British Government and the DUP want a deal, they should end their denial of basic rights which are protected everywhere else on these islands. Language rights, marriage equality and the right to proper coroners inquests.
“To date, they have refused to do so.
“The institutions only have value if they enjoy the confidence of the people and time is now running out for the DUP and British Government to decide whether they are prepared to end their denial of rights and implement previous agreements as basic requirements of any sustainable and credible government.”