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Sharvin Calls For Young Voters To Come Out
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SDLP Council local election candidate fro Downpatrick, Gareth Sharvin, has called for the young people of Down District to make their vote count in the upcoming Council and Assembly election on May 5th. He said, “Your vote gives you a voice in government.

“As a final year student at Queen’s University Belfast, I understand and can relate to the issues that current and future students are facing. The issues range from tuition fees, the EMA scheme and job creation for both school leavers and students seeking work experience.

“With the job market becoming increasingly difficult it has been recognised that the need for education and experience is more important than ever. I spoke with an official from the local college and they want to see more local businesses supporting our students in gaining work experience and preparing them for the world of work.

“Giving your vote to our SDLP candidates, we will continue to prioritise the future of our young people. Uniting people and building prosperity,”  added Gareth.