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Rathfriland Girl Receives Help From Newline Charity
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A Rathfriland girl who suffers from a severe form of cerebral palsy has received vital help from Newline, a children charity.

Four-year-old Molly McCotter was in severe pain every day. She is unable to walk, talk or lift her head and finds the slightest touch unbearable, even cuddles from her mum.

Molly has a form of cerebral palsy which means her muscles spasm uncontrollably, and she also experiences constant seizures and needs 24-hour oxygen. Molly’s mum who provides most of the care for her said: “Her days were previously spent in a specialist chair, but she had developed severe pressure sores that wouldn’t heal. She desperately needed specialist equipment called an Acheeva, which is similar to a small bed, but is mobile and can be used in multiple positions so she can be moved without being lifted and causing her further pain.

Molly McCotter from Rathfriland pictured in her Acheeva body support which acts as a bed and chair. 

“Molly’s pressure sores were out of control and she was taking morphine just to keep her from being in too much pain when we moved her. We knew the Acheeva would help to keep her comfortable as well as let her pressure sores heal and help her respiratory function.”

But as the Acheeva costs £5,436, Molly’s family turned to Newlife the Charity for Disabled Children for help. This is the largest UK charity providing specialist equipment for children with disabilities and terminal illness. The charity was quickly able to provide the Acheeva to help relieve some of Molly’s pain thanks to their partnership with fashion store chain River Island and its ‘fantastic plastic initiative’. This sees the profit from every five pence carrier bag sold at its UK stores go to Newlife to directly fund vital equipment.

Sandra added: “The Acheeva is the best thing ever. I can easily keep repositioning Molly now throughout the day, without causing her pain. Without a doubt it has made Molly more comfortable, and she isn’t getting as many infections and the pressure sores she has are more manageable. We couldn’t be without it now.

“Molly knows my voice and when she is not in pain, she will smile at me. When she does this it makes my day!”

Newlife’s head of Charity Operations, Stephen Morgan said: “It’s great that we could help Molly, but right now Newlife has another 12 disabled and terminally ill children in County Down who are in need of specialist equipment and we need to raise £12,760 to help them too. Newlife has already supported 199 people in need across County Down.

“We really want to help these children, so we are calling on local individuals, groups, clubs and companies to get involved and support them.

“If you think you could help by donating or fundraising, please visit :

Alternatively, contact a member of the team on 01543 462777 or email: