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McNarry Says Northern Ireland Should Welcome Scottish Businesses
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dn_screenStrangford UKIP MLA McNarry has said that Northern Ireland should assist Scottish businesses to re-locate here if Scotland votes for independence.

The UKIP leader in Northern Ireland added that if Scotland does vote for independence Northern Ireland should offer an alternative home for those businesses that want to relocate out of an independent Scotland.

He added: “I dread the thought – but if Scotland does choose to break up the union by voting for independence, then Northern Ireland should do more to shore up a new union including England, Wales and ourselves in Northern Ireland.

“We should, as a people and a devolved government, move quickly to provide open access and assistance to those Scots and those Scots-based businesses wishing to re-locate outside an independent Scotland.”

The vote today 18 September in the referendum is too close to call. It could fall either way. The next two days will be historic.