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Hazzard Welcomes Farmers’ Fast Track Technology Scheme
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SINN Féin MLA Chris Hazzard and member of the Stormont Agriculture Committee has welcome the ‘Fast Track into Information Technology’ scheme being rolled out at present.

Mr Hazzard said: “Information technology is now a part of everyday life yet there are still many farms across the North not using computers in managing their farms.

“There are lots of uses for computers on a farm like filing tax returns, ordering stock, maintaining good stock control to basic search engines that will help identify problems on the farm

“Every year more and more forms can be completed online saving time and money yet many farmers are unable to do so as they are not competent in using a computer.

“The ‘Fast Track into Information Technology’ scheme is designed to give farmers and their families the basic knowledge, confidence and ability to use a computer to fulfil many more tasks than present.  The courses will take place close to home and cover four sessions, which includes using e-mail, the Internet, and filling in forms online.

“I would encourage farmers and their families to apply for the course and become more efficient in managing their farms.  Forms can be accessed online at “.