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Explosive New Musical Comedy Comes To Down Arts Centre
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On Friday 23 February, Tinderbox Theatre Company will present a powerful new musical comedy, ‘The Man Who Fell to Pieces’ at Down Arts Centre.

‘The Man Who Fell to Pieces’ is part of EdgeFest, a three week festival of explosive new theatre by leading theatre companies that dare to take you to the very edge. It is a moving story that celebrates what it means to be human through the character of John who is falling apart, literally.

The Man Who Fell To Pieces by TInderbox will be performed at the Down Arts Centre.

John spends days holding himself together with tape and cling film and other DIY tools. He keeps his traumatic experiences to himself even though Caroline, his partner knows that something is not quite right.  When John does eventually fall apart, Caroline pops him into a suitcase and travels around Belfast trying to work out how to put his life back together.

Speaking about the production, writer and director, Patrick J. O’Reilly said: ” ‘The Man Who Fell to Pieces’ explores my personal struggle in dealing with depression and the immense power of the imagination to not only deal with the complexities of life but celebrate the beauty and fragility of being human. This ground breaking musical comedy, dealing with the profound themes of mental health in Northern Ireland will inspire, entertain and more importantly shine a light on strength and hope.”

Beautifully poignant and a theatrically explosive feast for the mind and body, ‘The Man Who Fell To Pieces’ is the signature performance for Tinderbox Theatre Company’s new adventure of exploring the potential of imagination through physical storytelling and play.

Tickets are on sale now from Down Arts Centre costing £12 per person and £10 for concessions.

To book, contact the Box Office on 028 4461 0747.  The performance starts at 8pm and doors open from 7pm.

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