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Crossgar Student Lands Eurocamp Work Placement
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Twenty year old Maria Dougherty from Crossgar has been offered a once in a lifetime work placement opportunity at the outdoor holiday centre Eurocamp in France for ten weeks.

Former Assumption Grammar School student Maria applied for Eurocamp online before being invited for a skills assessment. The process was then concluded with a successful interview.

SERC Tutor Mary Enright said: “This is an exciting time for Maria. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to take part in a residential work placement overseas. As well as gaining a nationally recognised vocational qualification Maria will also get the opportunity to see the world and gain valuable work experience in the travel industry.

SERC travel and tourism student Maria Dougherty from Crossgar is celebrating after getting the opportunity to take part in a once in a lifetime work placement at the outdoor holiday centre Eurocamp in France.

“Opportunities like this allow young people to demonstrate their skills and attitude, as well as help them develop their personal and customer service skills and giving them the first step in forging a career in travel.”

Maria, looking forward to the Eurocamp experience, said: “I can’t wait to begin working at Eurocamp. The course has provided me with the knowledge and skills to help to secure this great opportunity.”

“I will gain hands-on experience of being a resort representative at the holiday resort. During my placement I will carry out various tasks including welcoming customers; providing local information; housekeeping; and taking part in planning and organising of activities. I am really looking forward to this trip.”

Having left school after her AS levels, Maria’s mum and dad encouraged her to enrol at SERC, with her friend recommending the travel and tourism course. Thanks to SERC Maria has received two offers from Ulster University to study her chosen subjects.

Maria added: “The best thing about SERC is the small class sizes. I would encourage other school leavers to consider SERC as their first option. SERC provides an incredible opportunity of getting out of the classroom and into the real world.”

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