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Ardglass Harbour Busy Day And Night
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Ardglass harbour is a busy little harbour on the coast of County Down located between Kilkeel to the South and Portavogie to the North.

Its main catch is prawns but pelagic (herring and mackerel) landings are very significant and the larger vessels can be seen landing into tanker lorries throughout the year.

The port faces two major problems. It has been a historic fishing port for over 150 years and is the best non-tidal area between Howth and Belfast Lough, but with the increase in the size of the herring boats and the increase in prawn vessels and crabbers, there needs to be a review as to how the port is too perform into the 21st century.

The Sparkling Star, a pelagic herring vessel from the south-west of Ireland, landing herring at night in Ardglass.