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Clarke Acts On Rubbish In Newcastle Estates

Mournes Sinn Féin councillor Willie Clarke has called for an increase in the level of cleansing in some estates in Newcastle. Councillor Clarke said: “at the Burrendale backfield play area and the tarmac basketball court, these areas are regularly covered in broken glass which brings a large risk to children trying to…

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Sinn Féin Meet BT Over Broadband Concerns

A delegation of Sinn Féin representatives has met with BT to raise a series of broadband concerns. Councillor Naomi Bailie led the delegation in a bid to improve services across the Down area. She said: “Rural dwellers right across Down are increasingly frustrated with the level of broadband service available…

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Johnston Calls For Roads Damage Audit After Cold Spell

Downpatrick Councillor Liam Johnston (Sinn Féin) has called for an audit of all roads throughout the district following the recent spate of bad weather. Councillor Johnston said: “During the recent spell of bad weather more and more damage has been caused to the roads infrastructure within the district. “The constant…

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