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Countdown To Hallowtides Festival In Newcastle

As Halloween approaches, Newcastle is busy getting ready to host one of its major events of the year, the Hallowtides festival and parade. The long-established festival which runs from Monday 26 to Saturday 31 October boasts a programme of exciting events with both private and public organisations getting involved. The…

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Come See the Legions of Doom in Newcastle’s Hallowtides Parade

ONCE again the Newcastle Hallowtides Festival is drawing ghosts and ghouls from all dimensions to what promises to be an tremendous Halloween festival as crowds prepare to descend on the seaside town for plenty of fun and frolics. Take a trip to Newcastle to witness this spectacular Float Parade led…

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Ghostbusters Get Ready for Hallowtides

THE 2012 Hallowtides Festival will run from Monday 15 October to Saturday 3 November, boasting over 40 events with lots of FREE family fun! Helping launch this year’s programme is the Chairperson of Down District Council, Councillor Mickey Coogan, and Casper The Friendly Ghost aka Sarah Greene (Age 9) from…

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