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South Eastern HSC Trust Say Downe A&E Working Well
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IN A statement from the South Eastern HSC Trust following the opening of the Out Of Hours service at the Downe A&E Unit in Downpatrick, a spokesperson said, “The new enhanced GP Out of Hours service at the Downe Hospital has now been in place for over a week and so far it is working very well. Clearly, these are early days and there is still some work to be done to bed in the new model.

The Director of Hospital Services,  Mr Seamus McGoran said,  “Staff have been excellent and local people have been happy to use the new arrangements. The experience from the first week has given the Trust great confidence that this service is safe and will be sustainable into the future, thus keeping the hospital doors open to the public 24/7.”

The  Out Of Hours Service runs at the Downe A&E from 10pm to 8am. To access the unit, you will need to phone 028 92 602204, but read  the link for a fuller description of the new service and how it operates at the Downe Hospital.