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Shannon Calls For Support To Woodland Trust
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Patrick Cregg of the Woodlands Trust with Strangford MP Jim Shannon.

Strangford MP Jim Shannon MP has called for the General Public, schools and community groups to work alongside the Woodland Trust.

He said: “The Woodland Trust have planted millions of trees across NI and in Strangford hundreds of thousands have been planted for School Projects or in tandem with farmers for verges of fields or in conjunction with free range poultry farming or sheep farming.

“The Woodland Trust are keen to work beside individuals and all of those interested in Tree Planting. And not for nothing are trees called the lungs of the world!

“There are grants available to all – why not give the Woodlands Trust a call. The 1st World War Centenary Woods Projects are still available right up until 2019 and a number of projects have already been completed, so if you want to be involved, now is the time to do just that!