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Save Killyeagh Library Group Holding Public Meeting
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Sir Hans Sloane (aka Clive Scoular, chairman of the Save Killyleagh Library action committee) has returned from across the mists of time only to hear that the public library in Killyleagh is threatened with closure.

The poor man was so distressed that his hair near turned white on the instant. He explained to his young companion, 11-year old Frederic Mathieu, while they were talking in the Killyleagh castle library where he used to read as a boy, that he had spent much of his young life reading books there studying within the walls.

Sir Hans asked, “My young man, what do you perceive will be the impacts of the proposed closure?”

Frederic replied, “The young people would lose this marvellous educational resource. And, the older folks will have to take a bus into Downpatrick which was difficult and expensive.”

Sir Hans Slaone aka Author Clive Scoular ready to meet the crowds at the public meeting in the Bridge Centre.

Sir Hans reminded Frederic that, as a boy, it would have taken him hours to go there on his horse and cart on a very bumpy road.

Frederic and Sir Hans emerged from the castle and visited the area where his house in Back Street had been and then they went over to the public library. Sir Hans was introduced to one or two of the townsfolk who also added their disappointment at the proposal.

As Sir Hans’s melted back into the realms of time, his parting words echoed through the town… “Save Killyleagh Library!”

Public Meeting

The purpose of the Open Public Meeting on Monday 7th February from 5.30 – 7 pm at the Bridge Centre is to inform the people of Killyleagh of what the committee, under the chairmanship of Clive Scoular, is doing to fight the proposed closure, and to hear views on what sort of  library provision Killyleagh needs for the future.

Clive Scoular said, “The committee regrets the early timing of the meeting owing to the existing bookings at the busy Bridge Centre but appeals to everyone to make that extra effort to be there punctually.

“We must prevent the closure of our cherished library.”