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Ritchie Calls For Programme For Government
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SDLP Leader and South Down MP Margaret Ritchie has called for the immediate publication of the long awaited Programme for Government.

Speaking following a meeting with party leaders, she said, “It is quite simple, no Programme for Government means the Government has failed to identify its spending priorities for the next four years and so far we have no schedule for legislation which is a shambolic situation.

“We have the Executive deciding on a budget with no spending priorities identified. This situation is farcical and does not represent good government.

“In these times of financial constraint we must place high importance on getting our budget spent right. We must prioritise the services most in need. However, the Northern Ireland Executive has to date failed to publish a Programme for Government and failed to identify what the priorities should be as we move ahead.

“Action must be taken immediately and the long overdue Programme for Government must be published in order to inform the financial situation and ensure that those public services most in need are adequately funded and protected over the next few years.”