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Removal Of Temporary Barrier At Beach Avenue, Newcastle
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FOLLOWING a meeting of Newcastle councillors and council officers on Friday past, the decision was taken to remove a temporary fence that had been installed in May at the entrance to the promenade at Beach Avenue.

After the meeting, Newcastle SDLP Councillor Carmel O’Boyle said, “The erection of this temporary fence was an experiment to see if we could prevent anti-social behaviour on this part of the promenade after the bars close. While it did deter some people from gaining access to the promenade in the early hours of the morning, others simply took themselves off into Beach Avenue instead, and kept the residents in that part of Newcastle awake all night.

“In addition, the temporary closure was causing inconvenience to people who like to use the promenade during the day. Anti-social behaviour has been and remains a real problem for residents and others living in the Downs Road area of Newcastle, but we will continue to do everything we can to address it. In the end of the day, the problem is a policing issue and we have asked the PSNI to re-double their efforts to bring this behaviour under control.

“We have also come up with another unique solution which we intend to bring into use within a short period. In the meantime I would urge people, especially young people, to show some consideration for the residents of Downs Road and go home quietly after the bars close instead of trying to continue to party on the promenade and on the beach.”