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New Health Minister Says He Is Ready For Challenge Ahead
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THE new Health Minister Edwin Poots has said he is prepared to tackle head on the significant challenges facing the Health Service.

Speaking on his first day as Minister, Mr Poots said, “Our Health Service faces great challenges over the coming years. We do face major budget issues over the next few years but that will not stop me doing what is right. I will not shy away from the tough decisions that need to be made to ensure that the Health Service provides for every single person who needs it.

“My priority is to protect front-line services to ensure everyone has access to the best life-long health care possible and to keep Health and Social Care Services at the top of the agenda of our new Executive.

“However, we all have a role to play. It is as important to keep people healthy and out of hospital as it is to ensure that those who are in hospital are treated with the best care available. Everyone has a responsibility to their own health. By simply eating the right foods and exercising properly many of us can reduce our reliance on the Health Service.”

The Minister added, “It is a privilege for me to hold this role and I would like to pay tribute to all staff in the Health and Social Care sector for their tireless and selfless work. Together, we have a job to do and together, we have the best chance of success.”