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McCormick Says New Faces On Council Needed
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MARK McCormick, Green Party candidate for the Ballynahinch Electoral Area, believes that the strong feeling of apathy towards local politics and local councillors is a signal as to why new faces are needed to bring back confidence in Down District Council.

He added, “My campaign team and I have carried out the most extensive canvass yet for the Green Party in the local area. I have spoken to so many people who just feel totally let down by the current make-up of Down District Council and want a change for the better.

“I cannot agree more with those who feel they have been completely unrepresented over the past number of years. Whether it is the residents of Cushowen Place and Linnhurst Park in Drumaness who have been crying out to have the playground returned to its original state for their children and grandchildren, or whether it is residents of Spa who have been unable to get a bus shelter at the Dobbins Town lane for years – people have lost confidence in their local councillors because of the avalanche of local issues which have remained unsolved.

“I have been working for a number of years in my local community and I truly believe that new faces are needed on the council to bring a new optimism to our local area. I believe that I can fulfil this role.  I have energy, enthusiasm and experience and I hope that I can continue to work for my local community from May 5th as an elected representative for the Ballynahinch electoral area,” said Mark McCormick.