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Make a Million – Join Phil On the Road to Success
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ONLINE marketeer Phil Carrick based at Down Business centre in Downpatrick has a saying: “It is no longer good enough in business to ‘think outside the box’… now you have to ‘take action’ outside the box.”

He is a main contributor in a new book just released two months ago called ‘The Art and Science of Success – Volume 6’ which offers a world of useful information that could transform and energise your lagging business performance en route to the path of success. The book has already had amazing success and reached the Top 3 in Amazon under the Work Life Balance category!

With 30 contributors each offering their unique, key secrets of success, this book can easily be read as a chapter a day. And in one month you will be armed with a whole new set of ideas and tools to make your business work better.

Phil Carrick, online marketeer, with his latest book, ‘The Art and Science of Success”.

Phil Carrick said: “The world of business marketing has changed dramatically with the advent of the Internet and now many business use marketing mixes involving hard copy print as well as the Internet and social media”.

“I found out that you need to be flexible in business and have multiple streams of income. I quickly built up a property portfolio in the North East of England during 2008 and that provided me with a steady income. But the property crash made borrowing a challenge, and I had to re-adjust quickly to pay my bills and mortgage”.

“With property I had found that I was spending too long away from my young children, so I had to look for a Plan B. Eventually I decided to look at Online Marketing as a possible business, and I attended a seminar by online marketing guru Chris Farrell in London. Chris is in the top one per cent in the world in his field and I knew that if I wanted to become successful in that industry, then I needed to ‘model’ myself on the best in the business. I have never looked back. He became a personal friend and mentor, and I realised then that it is so important to associate with the right people in business. In this way, these relationships strengthen what you are and help you on your way. Thanks to the advice I have received from my mentor’s I have now grown from obscurity to become a leading online marketer”.

“In a few years my business had grown enormously. It is something I really love doing. That’s what now drives me when I get up in the morning. It is a real passion. Working with top-flight marketers has taught me a lot about how to look after myself. For example, creating a work-life balance, regular walks and getting the endorphins moving and making me feel good. These are the little things we often forget about that are so important. One of the things I emphasise to every business owner that I coach is that they MUST spend at least 30 minutes EVERY day ON their business, and not in it! It is so easy to be consumed in your business and meander through life thinking that everything is ok. Take time to distance yourself from your business, find a retreat away from the business and say to yourself ‘what can I do to make my business great?’ If you can implement 1 ‘golden nugget’ every week then you are well on your way to super-success”

When you read Phil’s chapter and you will be left in no doubt about his ‘dogged determination’ to succeed. He wife sadly passed away in 2004 after a long battle with cancer and Phil had to carry on looking after his 4-year old twins. It was this drive that led him to look into online marketing and he has not looked back since.

Read a chapter a day for a month and you will be infused with fresh business ideas.

Now Phil enjoys rubbing shoulders with the best in the business but he did admit to one weakness… he was trying to reduce his weight and get fitter before his trip to San Diego in November to meet one of his online marketing mentors, Jonathan Budd, who is running the ‘Unstoppable Millionaire 2’ event. “There are just a handful of us in the UK,” said Phil, “and we all network closely keeping each other accountable and up to speed with the latest developments in online marketing. We have Facebook groups, Skype meetings, and generally work towards our ‘Alliance Targets’. Basically that means we have to achieve certain personal, traffic and financial targets in a certain time frame”. Phil adds, “we should all have goals that frighten us, and if they do not then we are not setting our sights high enough! It is also vitally important to be accountable to someone”

”When you are in business, you can be ploughing a very lonely furrow. But I am delighted to work alongside so many fantastic people who are at the leading edge of Internet marketing development. There is so much going on now such as in Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+ Local that business owners need to embrace. However, it’s easy for business owners to feel overwhelmed and many think they should be ‘following their competitors marketing strategies’.

This can be disastrous and has resulted in many businesses falling on hard times. We are here to help local business owners. We love marketing and helping people…..really! This may sound ‘cheesy’ but its true. I have wasted thousands of pounds and hundreds of hours time on strategies and products that simply don’t work. We want to stop this type of ineffective marketing, and provide Marketing help and advice to any small business that really needs it. There are far too many businesses struggling with ineffective marketing or have been given poor advice by the so-called experts.

We offer every business a Free 30-minute ‘Marketing Makeover’ and ‘listen to you’, that’s the important thing that differentiates us from others! If you would like a ‘Marketing Makeover’ then all you need to do is visit our website www.onlinemarketingbuddies.com and register for the next slot.

“We are now running Free webinar’s for local businesses every week. We normally run 3 per week so there really is no need to miss one! You can register for our next webinar at our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/onlinemarketingbuddies and click on the ‘Free Webinar’ tab”. We are also going to be running a Free ‘No Holes Barred’ Marketing Presentation on 3rd October at 1900 in the St Patrick’s Centre, Downpatrick. If you would like to register for this Free ‘not to be missed’ event then please visit www.marketyourwaytosuccess.com

Phil emphasises “there are many so-called guru’s peddling ‘Free Marketing’ Strategies. Yes, there are free marketing strategies but I say that free can be the most expensive form of marketing! Tread carefully as these can be extremely time consuming. There are many ‘low-cost’ strategies and I favour these over anything else. Social Media is lifting up their business and being not only happier and healthier but hopefully more profitable.”

For a copy of “The Art and Science of Success – Volume 6” please visit www.defythedownturn.com or for general enquiries about Internet marketing, contact Phil. Social Media is one of the lowest cost forms of marketing and is something that we do every day. However, if not done properly it can work out very expensive for your business in terms of lost revenue and time. There is now much more emphasis or targeting groups of potential customers. There has been a massive shift in the way businesses need to address their marketing.

This book will give many local business people a refreshing glimpse into how to start and Phil can be contacted anytime at: mail@onlinemarketingbuddies.com or at the office at 028 44 511046.