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Killyleagh Author Says Sir Hans Sloane 'Would Turn In His Grave'
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AS the row over the threatened closure of Killyleagh Library escalates, the people of Killyleagh are angry at their local library being put on a list by Libaries NI which could be a public consultation slippery slope for this institution in the town. Already an ‘We love Killyleagh Library‘ protest page has been opened in Facebook and local politicians have called for meetings to redress the issue. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Save-Killyleagh-Library/184311718260595

Well known author and local historian Clive Scoular has written to Down News expressing his thoughts on the matter.

Dear Editor

“Killyleagh has just celebrated the 350th anniversary of the birth of Sir Hans Sloane. The events throughout 2010, most of them brilliantly coordinated by Ann Fee and her excellent staff at Killyleagh library, were universally considered outstanding successes by people and press alike, both locally and throughout the British Isles.

Sir Hans Sloane aka Author Clive Scoular deeply concerned about Libraries NI's consultation proposals about the future of Killyleagh Library.

“I feel certain that Sir Hans would turn in his grave if he heard of the threat to close the library. Killyleagh, since the days of Sloane, has been a centre of excellence in education and learning and, as a boy, Hans learned to read and borrow books from the ‘libraries’ of his time at the castle and rectory.

“I wish, therefore, to add my voice to the deafening clamour to keep Killyleagh’s library open. It would bring shame and dishonour to the present day library service to even consider the closure of such an important and vibrant centrepiece of the Killyleagh community – a village unsurpassed, as it is, for so many famous people’.”

Clive Scoular

(Historian and author of ‘Six Famous Sons of Killyleagh’)

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