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Killyeagh Artists Paint For Poppy Party Weekend
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AS Killyleagh hots up for its Poppy Party celebrations to mark the 90th anniversary of the Royal British Legion, the Killyleagh Social Partnership (KSP) have enlisted the help of two well-known local artists to help promote the Great Poppy Party weeekend from 10-12th June.

The  KSP aims to boost the funds of the British Legion by encouraging parties between friends and neighbours and colleagues. Killyleagh is hosting its own programme of events for the special occasion and Wendy Cromie’s watercolour entitled “Polly’s Poppies” will be a major prize in the big poppy draw.

The painting can be viewed in the Davison Gallery in Killyleagh and is available to view too at the Big Poppy Picnic before the tatoo being held in the grounds of Killyleagh Castle on Saturday June 11th.

Killyeagh artists Wendy Cromie and Leo Casement, second right, with their paintings donated to be raffled and auctioned for the Great Poppy Party appeal. Included are Maeve Davison, Davison Irish Art gallery, Tony Davies, KSP Chairman, and Dr Eddie Rea, Chairman of the KSP Poppy Party organising committee.

Also, artist Leo Casement’s oil painting, “Poppy Population” will be put up for auction on the Internet with the final bid being made at the Recollections of Conflict evening at the Bridge Centre on Friday 10th June.

Leo described his painting as a “large expansive landscape of poppies disappearing into the distance to the base of a set of mountains. The poppies are countless in their infinite numbers and the mountains represent an unsurpassable barrier as in war.

“The poppies keep re-emerging in perfusion, just as each generation of soldiers emerge. Mountains from a distance look benign and inviting, but when confronted they are an awesome challenge. The sky blue represents hope, but there are always clouds which may be a looming shadow of danger.”

Dr Eddie Rea, Chairman of the KSP Poppy Party organising committee said, “I expect a lot of interest in the paintings. I could visualise a local council wishing to bid to grace their council chamber with them. Possibly a private bidder may wish to hang these in a private collection as a possible investment. It is impossible to realise the totally three dimensional effect of this piece and the stunning colour from a two-dimensional photopgraph. It has to be seen tp be believed.

“Serious bidders are invited to visit the Davison Irish Art Gallery in High Street, Killyleagh, to view this most interestingand exciting work of art.”

During the Recollections evening, six war veterans will recall some of their stories to an audience in the Bridge Centre. Special guest for the evening will be Col John Gray from Cleveland, USA, who fought in WWII, Korea and Vietnam. The evening will be compered by Mike Nesbitt and further information of the event can be had by visiting: www.killyleagh.org

Tickets can be purchased at Beth’s Newsagents and TJ’s in Killyeagh.