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Hamilton Welcomes Work On Saintfield Steps
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STRANGFORD DUP MLA Simon Hamilton and Down District Council colleague  Councillor Billy Walker have welcomed a decision by DRD Roads Service to instal handrails and resurface pedestrian steps at Downpatrick Street in Saintfield.

Simon Hamilton said, “Problems with these steps at Downpatrick Street in Saintfield have been raised with me by local residents and, on their behalf, I brought the matter to the attention of the local DRD Section Office.

“I am pleased to report that DRD Roads Service have responded positively.  They have agreed, after assessing the situation, to instal two handrails on the walls adjacent to the steps to provide   assistance to users especially he elderly and infirm.  This, I know, will provide great help to many people in the street as they use he steps to gain access to their vehicles.

“They have also agreed to resurface the crumbling surface of the steps.  Perhaps due to salting in the winter, the steps have deteriorated severely, posing additional problems for people.  Work on the handrails is likely to be done in the next few months whilst the resurfacing will be completed later in he financial year.

“I am glad that DRD Roads Service have responded so positively to my requests for work on these steps in Downpatrick Street.  The small amount of work hat they will carry out here will be of immense benefit to local people”, said Mr Hamilton.

Strangford DUP MLA with party colleague Down District Counciillor Billy Walker at the steps in Downpatrick Street in Saintfield.