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DUP Launch Down Council Election Candidates
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AT a well attended meeting held in the Market House in Ballynahinch, DUP party supporters gathered to give their local council election candidates a big send off in the run up the 5th May election.

Present at the launch was the DUP leader and Northern Ireland Assembly First Minister Peter Robinson. Down District Councillor and Assembly candidate Billy Walker said, “The First Minister was very impressed with his earlier visit to the  St Patrick Centre and there he met  with representatives of HM Coastguard and pledged his support to helping to keep the Bangor station open. He also enjoyed his tour of the new promenade in Newcastle.

“At the Down High School he had a private meeting with the Head Teacher Mr Paul Logan, and then gave a talk to the school”s current affairs society where a wide range of questions was put to him. He also visited the new promenade in Newcastle and looked over the improvements to the town.

“When the new Assembly comes into being, our party will once again make a huge effort, and we hope that we are the largest party returned. The DUP is primarliy focused on bread and butter issues. Many feel that South Down has been negelected over the years. Now we have two MP’s in the area and Strangford DUP MP  Jim Shannon is working hard to bring about those changes in our communities that matter.

“As a result of our engagement with key issues,  we have now secured a solid commitement from DRD MInister Conor Murphy after a meeting last October that we will eventually have a by-pass road in Ballyhaninch. And we have been given a date… 2014.

“We even made a representation to him on behalf of the shoppers and traders in Ballynahinch and managed to get the car park charges extended from 30p for one hour to three hours.

“Also we are fully backing the new Langley Road community association. This large estate has felt abandoned over the years as the elected representatives had not fully enmgaged with the residents for some time. Now we are standing shoulder to shoulder with them.

“We have also help source the funding for £50,000 for a new playpark in the town, and we have helped get new footpaths on the Langley estate. On top of this the DUP has been instrumental in helping around 12 residents get new oil fired heating systems from the NIHE.

“And our track record is excellent too in helping peole with disability benefits and  social security issues from our advice office.

“Altogether, the DUP is producing results across the area. We serve the whole constituency and help everyone who presents themselves to our advice centre.”