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Crossgar Bomb Scare Causes Local Anger
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A hoax device has casued serious disruption in the village of Crossgar.

A woman who saw the suspect device informed local community activist Terry Andrews who subsequently notified the police. The incident has been roundly condemned by local politicians across the board.

The device was spotted on Sunday night and led to a bingo session in the community centre being evacuated. The police and ATO were called and the device was pronounced safe after an hour.

SDLP Rowallane Councillor Maria McCarthy has condemned those responsible for planting a device in the centre of Crossgar.

She said, “Once again innocent people’s lives have been disrupted due to the selfish and futile actions of whoever is responsible for this attack. It is unclear who is behind this incident, but whoever it is should come forward and explain themselves to the people of Crossgar.

“Everyone I have spoken to since the incident is disgusted by this pathetic stunt for which there can be no justification.

“I strongly appeal to anyone with information to pass it onto the police immediately,”  added Councillor McCarthy.