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Craig Applaudes The Work Of Ward 15
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Down District SDLP Councillor Peter Craig has spoken out in advance of Ward 15’s impending 50th birthday

Councillor Craig said, “Ward 15 at the Downshire is an absolutely outstanding facility that transforms people’s lives. It is a flagship addiction centre and is, in my opinion, the best on the island of Ireland.

“I have dealt with a number of constituents who were only able to fight their alcohol addiction with the help, guidance and assistance of the staff and Friends of Ward 15.

“The Friends of Ward 15 are a group of ex-patients who have won their fight against their own personal addiction and have come out the other side wanting to help those who now suffer from the same illness.  The benefits of the advice from the staff and ex-patients is evident, as every Tuesday night more than 200 of them continue to meet at Ward 15 and discuss ongoing issues.

“The number of people attending the unit continues to increase and its success rate, if you want to call it, is the highest in the North of Ireland.  It is also recognised around the globe as a benchmark addiction centre.

“I again want to reiterate my support for the centre and I look forward to it soon becoming one of two main addiction centres across the North of Ireland.  I was also pleased to see my party colleague Margaret Ritchie, our local MP up at Ward 15 supporting such a worthwhile facility. “