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Community Pharmacy Cutbacks Causes Concern
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Newcastle Alliance Councillor Patrick Clarke is calling on the Department of Health to reconsider implementing substantial financial funding cuts that threaten services to patients and will deciminate the network of community pharmacy services across Northern Ireland.

He said, “The potential financial shortfall of up to 38 million pounds to provide community pharmacy services will no doubt result in a major threat to local Community pharmacies which are a key front line health care service.”

“Front line health care services are once again being targeted which greatly affect the most vunerable people such as the elderly, parents with children, the disabled, and people from disadvantaged areas.”

“The very removal of this money will have the potential to threaten the sustainability of community pharmacies across Down District Council and Northern Ireland.”

“I fully support the Community Pharmacy NI (CPNI) call for the Minister for the Department of Health to meet in order to discuss the impact and ramifications of such financial cutbacks to community pharmacies.”

“I now call upon the Health Minister  not to make these draconian financial cutbacks which could threaten their sustainability.”