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Brady Condemns Paisley Remarks On Dead IRA Volunteer
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Sinn Féin MP Mickey Brady for Newry and South Armagh has branded the comments of a DUP MP over the fatal shooting of an unarmed IRA volunteer 26 years ago as “disgraceful”.

The Newry and Armagh MP said: “Remarks by the DUP’s Ian Paisley about the RUC shooting of unarmed IRA volunteer Colum Marks are nothing short of disgraceful.

“Not only do such crass and disgusting comments add to the hurt of the Marks family, they are also an insult to all those who knew Colum and hold him in high regard.

“No one can be above or beyond the law.

“This is a further indication of the DUP’s attempts to whitewash the past and it is symptomatic of their abject failure to deal with the legacy of the conflict.”