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Boyle Expresses Concern Over Traffic In Kircubbin
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Ards and North Down Councillor Joe Boyle has contacted Transport NI over a request to instal  traffic calming measures  in Church Grove in Kircubbin.

Ards and North Down Borough Councillor Joe Boyle.

Councillor Boyle said: “This area has been brought to my attention by those who use and witness traffic travelling at speed regularly along this relatively short but significant straight piece of road.

He continued: “This road services the main route to St. Mary’s Primary School along with Kircubbin Community Centre and associated car park. It is an area that therefore encompasses significant pedestrian and vehicle activity.

“It is believed that traffic in general using the area of Church Avenue leading onto Church Grove can sometimes use this location as a race track, particularly whenever trying to avoid the Main Street through Kircubbin during busy periods or coming upon what is perceived as traffic jams, that by using this location and bringing vehicles up Boyd Avenue could escape the delay before joining the main flow of traffic travelling down through the Peninsula.

Cllr Boyle added: “The reality is that this entire area is a residential area, has children regularly out and about this location, has a primary school, a children’s child-minding business along with a community centre.

“It is therefore a location where care and attention needs to be observed at all times by motorists and as a starting point some form of traffic calming needs to be considered along Church Grove, an area whereby pedestrians and traffic flow is at its greatest and there is an increased risk that comes with this.”