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Alliance Welcomes Festival of Flight Concert
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NEWCASTLE Alliance Councillor Patrick Clarke has warmly welcomed the recent announcement of a two day concert which will be staged at St. Patrick’s Park, as part of Newcastle’s ‘Festival of Flight’ on August 6th and 7th.  The Newcastle concert will feature amongst the other entertainment planned by Down District Council with the Red Arrows returning back to Newcastle for a second year.

Newcastle Alliance Councillor Patrick Clarke said, “The recently confirmed two day concert featuring a wide range of top chart acts will be an added addition to the ‘Festival of Flight celebrations to be staged in Newcastle from Monday 1st August to Sunday 7th August with over 100,000 spectators expected to watch the Red Arrows.

“Once again Newcastle will be showcased as a top tourist destination for visitors and tourists to come to the sea side resort and enjoy a weeklong of summer festival attractions, which will give Newcastle a major economic financial boost given the present financial climate difficulties businesses are finding at the present time.

“There can be no doubt that last year’s ‘Harry Ferguson’ week of celebrations with the major attraction of the Red Arrows setting the tone for Newcastle attracting the largest attendance at an air display.

“Part of last year’s success was due to the fact that many of the events were family orientated and were free meaning families could come to Newcastle and have an enjoyable family day out, which will continue this year also.”


“I do also hope this year that places such as Dundrum and Castlewellan will also get some financial spin off from the week long events due to both main roads leading from Dundrum and Castlewellan to Newcastle.

“Unfortunately traffic last year was diverted via Clough through Castlewellan to Newcastle which meant Dundrum had no drive through traffic to Newcastle, however I intend to raise this matter at Council to see if the PSNI and the multi agencies will review this decision.

“I look forward to this year’s ‘Festival of Flight’ celebrations being another tremendous success for both Newcastle and Down District.”